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Hesha Chimah gives you a glimpse into jewellery for any occasion

Hesha Chimah, shares styling tips on jewellery must-haves for different occasions. From casual first dates and those formal office attire, to the season’s festivities and the glamorous sangeet nights!

Sarika Nagdeo from The Style Compile shares ideas on pairing traditional antique jewellery with modern outfits

Sarika believes jewellery isn’t meant to be worn just once. This is why in this video she pairs a slick black dress with some ethnic antique gold jewellery.

Riya Jain from Caught in a Cuff checks out the bridal collections in trend this season

Bridal Jewellery can be tricky sometimes… So here’s Riya Jain sharing her selections from the Manubhai Jewellers Utsavi Collection.